Solar Panel Maintenance

I bet when you bought your solar system you may well have been told it was maintenance free. I hear this every day.

But the reality is, your solar panels are like the windows in your home or car; they become dirty and then it is hard to see out of them and so, you clean them.

It is the same with solar panels. When they become dirty the system performance can reduce up to 25%. Rain won’t clean your solar panels, just as rain won't clean your car.

Possible build ups on your panels could include the following:

  • Dirt and dust
  • Smog/pollution from vehicles
  • Saps, pollens and debris from trees
  • Bird droppings
  • Ocean sprays of salt
  • Commercial and industrial residues

There are people out there who claim to clean your panels and improve your system performance.

solar panel being cleaned


However, if these people are not electricians, how would they know, if all they do is clean the panels with water and a sponge?

You may have a fault in a panel.

If these people have no means of testing your system, then you have just wasted your money.

Don’t just have someone clean your panels without conducting a performance test first.

We are all qualified electricians and are accredited by the Clean Energy Council.

We take the worry out of maintaining your panels with a scheduled maintenance cleaning plan. We come to you, clean your Solar panels, inspect the condition, test the system power output, check the rail system and finally, inspect the condition of the installation from top to bottom. We use chemical free technology to ensure there is no damage to the panels and most importantly, there is no pollution into your rain water.

We make sure your system complies with Australian Standards and we also produce a before and after report on the performance of your system.

solar panel being tested
new solar system

New Systems

At Everyday Electrical and Solar we only use absolute quality products backed by great warranties and local support.

SMA Sunny Boy Inverters and Trina Solar Panels make for a fantastic quality system for any home or business, and with local supplier support and Australian backed warranties, we can provide the whole package from complete system installations, maintenance and repairs.

No job is too small.

Everyday Electrical and Solar custom design solar systems: taking into consideration the type of panel, output size, location of panels, inverter size, type of roof and, most importantly, your budget, we provide the perfect solar solution for your home or business.

With power prices on the rise, it makes sense to reduce your power bills the best way you can.

Everyday Electrical and Solar are qualified electricians with over 20 years of experience, all with Clean Energy Council Accreditation.

South Australian owned and operated, we’re here to stay. We provide a one-on-one personalised service, whilst ensuring a promptness and reliability which matches our high standard of workmanship.

Contact Everyday Electrical and Solar today to discuss your power bill and we will do our very best to reduce that bill to zero using these high quality products.

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